Artist: Robert Brownjohn
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1965

This Poster was designed by Robert Brownjohn who borrowed imagery used in the distinctive opening sequences of the film (also designed by Brownjohn). Whilst Connery's two earlier Bonds had been fairly faithful adaptations of Ian Fleming's novels, "Goldfinger" was a more liberal interpretation, allowing for many more cliff-hanging set-pieces. With the evil genius "Auric Goldfinger" (Gert Frobe), karate-kicking "Pussy Galore" (Honor Blackman), stunted heavy "Odd Job" (Harold Sakata), golden beauty "Jill Masterson" (Shirley Eaton) and the wise-cracking Connery, the film became the smash hit of 1964 (it was the biggest grossing film of the year in the USA). This is a true classic of a poster. Sadly Brownjohn fell out with the Broccoli's (the James Bond producers) so this was the only Bond film to be graced with his poster designs. A Style-B Quad replacing the bikini clad girl with a hand was also produced. This more sedate image was supposedly designed with the Irish market in mind, the power of the Roman Catholic church being such that public displays of too much "flesh" on cinema posters was unacceptable. Though the "hand" design "Goldfinger" Quad is rarer than the "bikini" version, aesthetically the "bikini" Poster displays far better. Although Shirley Eaton played the unfortunate girl who was smothered in gold paint in "Goldfinger", it was not her but glamour model, Margaret Nolan who cavorted for the opening sequences & who is pictured here on the poster. It has also recently been declared that Shirley Eaton's voice was dubbed too (her cockney accent deemed inappropriate). The identity of the voice-over was Nikki van der Zyl. Ms Eaton, however, is in good company because Ms Zyl also dubbed the voices of Ursula Andress "Dr No" (1962), Eunice Gayson "From Russia With Love" (1963) Claudine Auger "Thunderball" (1965), Mie Hama "You Only Live Twice" (1967) and Francoise Therry "The Man With The Golden Gun" (1974). The poster has been cleaned, de-acidified & linen-backed.